# 0054.

If he wasn't 'right' for me, then nobody is.
If I'm 'better off' without him, then I'd rather be worse.
If he isn't my Prince Charming, I don't want to be Cinderella, get it?

> Riven

# 0053.

You'll always be the answer on the
question where i'm thinking about.

> Brandoooooooon.

# 0052.

Goodbye my love, adieu my friend.
We have to part. This is the end.
The final kiss will make me cry,
but I must say goodbye.
Goodbye my love, adieu my friend,
we have to face the end.
This kiss, it makes me cry,
but I must say goodbye.

> Riven ?

# 0051.

Jij bent de enigste die ik nog met m'n ogen toe vertrouw.

> Paula

# 0050.

er is altijd iemand waarop je kan rekenen

> Flora & Stella.

# 0049.

it isn't about the label
'best friends'
it's about the time we spend togheter,
about how we laugh for so stupid reasons,
how you make me smile when all i can think of is cry,
it's the way i can tell you everything without you laughing at me,
it's the way times fly's when i'm with you,
the way you smile,
the way you talk,
the way you are,
it's the way we are when we're togheter,
i love you, and i wouldn't wanna trade my best friend for no one in this whole while world,
you're the best friend i could ever wish for.

> Musa & Roxy & Elizabeth

# 0048.

The best memories are the ones you try to explain
but end up saying "You just had to be there."

> Elizabeeeeeth.

# 0047.

vanaf 't begin, tot einde onafscheidelijk.

> Roxy & Elizabeth.

# 0046.

De liefde van mn leven

> Roxy.

# 0045.

Famous people walk on the red carpet
Because they're famous
Me and my friends walk on the toilet paper
Because whe are the shit!

> Musa & Roxy.